Real Quick Hey How Are Ya

2 thoughts on “Real Quick Hey How Are Ya”

  1. Rebecca: Have a great time at the Festival. Sonoma is one of my favorite places…my mother lived there (near Kenwood, in the Valley of the Moon) for 35+ years, and my sister lives in Healdsburg (her spouse Ron Sumner co-op/owns the Upstairs Art Gallery on the square in Healdsburg…above the book store). We spent much of the Winter in SFO/Tiburon grandbaby-sitting with our son’s little girl Juliet. We love Northern California…full of wonderful, creative people!

    Keep writing! Love your work….

    Jeff Riester

  2. Good to hear all the updates and news. So glad you’re still making the festivals with the film. Looking forward to the premier in Door County, any dates yet, want to make sure I don’t miss it!!! Hope all other things are well in your lives!!! Take care.

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