Sam Shepard

“I hate endings. Just detest them. Beginnings are definitely the most exciting, middles are perplexing and endings are a disaster. …The temptation towards resolution, towards wrapping up the package, seems to me a terrible trap. Why not be more honest with the moment? The most authentic endings are the ones which are already revolving towards … Continue reading Sam Shepard

Hitting Refresh

Hello from Rebecca’s crazy scatter-brain. There are a million to-dos and only if I slow down and say out loud what the priority is do I actually start to get things done. We’re heading out of town on Tuesday night for a red eye to Wisconsin. It’s gonna be 93 degrees today. I just went … Continue reading Hitting Refresh


Howdy, howdy.  Happy weekend to ya. Here’s what I’m into right now. -Are you location scouting? These spots aren’t my style at all, but they’re still completely delightful. Oh, to act in a Wes Anderson film… -I’ve had a lot of terrible heat headaches lately (I’m too Northern, I can’t take the heat spell we’ve … Continue reading Weekend


So I drew some tarot cards yesterday morning that I found pretty interesting. Check ’em out: Three of Arrows Jealousy + The Archer. Essentially, if you’re jealous, quit it already and aim for something and stay focused. Eh? I have to confess: I get really really viciously jealous at times. I get so frustrated with … Continue reading Jealousy


Some cool stuff I’d recommend checkin out… -Been drinking this smoothie several mornings a week, getting addicted. Sometimes I switch out zucchini for cauliflower. (Swear, you won’t taste them) (kudos to my sister for telling me about this girl) -I’m enjoying this book. Very beach read-y, but the prose is smooth and the characters aren’t … Continue reading Weekend!

On Actually Doing It

Just the other day I had a flashback to being in the middle of making June Falling Down. Nothing specific. Just the feeling. The grind. The sometimes panic. The overwhelm of details, finances (paying for groceries with the credit card again), technology (way beyond what I or Chris had ever dealt with before). I’ve blocked … Continue reading On Actually Doing It