Tech Stuff

Howdy folks! Rebecca thought it might interest some of you to learn what we’re planning for the movie on the technical side, so here goes: At this point, I’m bouncing back and forth between 2 different cameras- the Canon 5D3 and C100. The 5D is much cheaper to rent- about $900 cheaper over the course … Continue reading Tech Stuff

Art and Business

I write to you from the trenches of pre-production.  Hello! (hello hello hello…echoes) We are completely buried in scheduling and last minute casting, arranging locations, finding/creating props, and beyond.  It’s a lot of emailing and making lists.  Lots and lots of lists.  Little pieces of paper taped to the wall in the bedroom so that I … Continue reading Art and Business

It’s Out There

Our Indiegogo Campaign that is. Thank you so much to everyone who shared it and to those who donated – thank you thank you!  It’s a small but mighty beginning with a lot of glorious positive energy behind it.  If you were thinking of donating yesterday, do it today!  Good karma, love from us, nifty little prizes, … Continue reading It’s Out There


I’m writing to you smack dab in the middle of our shoot for Cam Companion.  It’s been such a great experience/whirlwind so far, and we have a long but exciting night ahead of us.  We’re getting reacquainted with this whole process as it’s been over a year now since we first shot Winter Guest. I’m … Continue reading Mid-shoot

A New Website!

You’ve found us online!  We’ve found ourselves online!  Welcome. We’re excited.  This is completely new territory and a little scary.  The site will be ever-evolving as we dip further into the pool of technology and the inter-web. I (Rebecca) am aiming to write about the process of filmmaking – the lessons learned, the joys, the … Continue reading A New Website!