HOME in Wisconsin!

Hi from Door County!  It’s FALL!  And I’m hanging out with FINNNNNN!!!! We showed the movie on Sunday night to a wonderful, wonderful audience at the Baileys Harbor Town Hall and it was a great night. It’s honestly a miracle we pulled it off and 100% of the credit belongs to my mom for getting … Continue reading HOME in Wisconsin!

Back to School

  Hello, fall! Which means in LA, “Hello, more summer!” I’ve been quiet online as always seems to happen in July and August, but now I’m back to school. And hoping to be consistent… So, here’s a quick update on life: I finished my script! “Finished” is a loose term though, mind you. It’s got … Continue reading Back to School

Creative Self Help

So many tabs open…the script in progress… Big reveal: I struggle regularly with intense mood swings surrounding whatever I’m making.  Try to contain your shock. So as I grapple with this script I’m on right now, I find myself leaning back on a smattering of advice I’ve gathered over the years. This is the kind … Continue reading Creative Self Help