Sup! Happy Friday! Play to your heart’s content. Here are some banjos: (at McCabes a lil while back) Here’s some stuff to dig into this weekend: -I read the script for Winter’s Bone and had a million thoughts that all went to my tumblr ( helloooo).  Check it out if you’re so inclined. –I didn’t … Continue reading TGIF

Making Myself Up

So Chris and I took headshots this weekend. Not the way you’re supposed to when you shell out five hundred bucks for, I don’t know, two looks or something like that? We just rented a camera ourselves and took them, figuring it out as we went with lighting and outfits and chin up or down, … Continue reading Making Myself Up


Howdy, howdy.  Happy weekend to ya. Here’s what I’m into right now. -Are you location scouting? These spots aren’t my style at all, but they’re still completely delightful. Oh, to act in a Wes Anderson film… -I’ve had a lot of terrible heat headaches lately (I’m too Northern, I can’t take the heat spell we’ve … Continue reading Weekend