HOME in Wisconsin!

Hi from Door County!  It’s FALL!  And I’m hanging out with FINNNNNN!!!! We showed the movie on Sunday night to a wonderful, wonderful audience at the Baileys Harbor Town Hall and it was a great night. It’s honestly a miracle we pulled it off and 100% of the credit belongs to my mom for getting … Continue reading HOME in Wisconsin!


Howdy, howdy.  Happy weekend to ya. Here’s what I’m into right now. -Are you location scouting? These spots aren’t my style at all, but they’re still completely delightful. Oh, to act in a Wes Anderson film… -I’ve had a lot of terrible heat headaches lately (I’m too Northern, I can’t take the heat spell we’ve … Continue reading Weekend

Heavy and Light


Hey all.  It’s been a big long time since I’ve actually blogged regularly.  I haven’t had a lot to say that I wanted public and I’ve been putting more attention toward writing some new scripts.  And I honestly think that’s more important.  So that’s that.

I AM, however, very excited about our upcoming festivals Continue reading Heavy and Light


Not much to say after the long weekend, folks, except – we got a new trailer!!  Check it out!  It’s the first real trailer I’ve ever cut and I’m sure we’ll make changes down the line – but it’s so exciting to have this out in the world.  And that great song?  “All You Expect” … Continue reading TRAILER!

Day of Reckoning

It’s the last day of our Indiegogo!  Take a couple minutes and check out our campaign.

And check out this video first – or second, whatever you like! – I talk about a lot of important things that are in this movie – 1) Wisconsin as a beautiful place full of intelligent people, 2) cancer as a topic without melodrama, but tragic nonetheless, and 3) a female lead as a person, not as a “female lead.”


As of right now we’ve got 7 hours left and were at 89% funded.  Will we make the goal?  Can you help?

Here’s why we need money –

-additional sound editing

-a beautiful poster and a website

-a DCP for theatrical exhibition

-film festival submission help!

Our Indiegogo won’t cover everything, but it sure will help!  So donate if ya can.  I’ll love you always – and there are some pretty darn cool perks.

Here we go!  Every step of the way, making this movie HAPPEN.

  Continue reading Day of Reckoning